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Welcome to LED CTRL, intuitively powerful LED software & hardware solutions, uniquely developed for controlling LED pixels. Effortlessly create and deliver awe inspiring visual experiences and projects.


Intuitively Powerful

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Intuitively Powerful Software

Propose | Deliver | Create

Ever wanted a software package that easily does it all? Communicate effectively, deliver seamlessly and create freely. Learn how LED CTRL changes the game.

    Technically Superior…

    Easy | Flexible | Powerful.


    Create curved, complex or traditional pixel maps with ease

    Unlimited Pixel Groups

    Easily group & organise pixels together

    Direct LED Control

    Select any pixel and control them directly without media


    You name it, we talk it, Artnet, SACN, E1.3, DMX +More

    Flexible Licensing

    Pay for what you need, not for what you don’t

    Media Effects

    Manipulate a range of movie & image formats for quick and easy effects

    Media Overlay

    Easily arrange media over any pixel section

    Custom Colours

    Save your favourite colours for future reference

    Direct FX

    Pre-built animation effects, ready to go

    Colour Picker

    Fan, select, animate straight from the colour picker


    Quickly adjust brightness on the fly

    Selection Behaviour

    Easily choose how your selection is arranged, Continuous, split variable, split even

    Powered by LED CTRL

    join our control revolution

    Architectural Facades

    From Large skyscrapers & facade lighting to,

    Pixel Products

    Awe inspiring installations and

    Artistic Creations

    Immersive artistic installations

    computing power

    CX Computing Performance & Stability

    Pre-configured computing power, optimised and tuned by LED CTRL ready to work out of the box delivering ultimate performance, reliability and scalability for any installation. Have peace of mind, knowing we’ve got you covered with a 3 year warranty and support.

    Download Datasheet
    pixel hardware

    MX96 | 96 universe Artnet to X-Data™ Master

    The MX96 & SX slave eco-system allows for powerful and flexible control of LED pixel protocols in a wide range of installation configurations.

    Converting an impressive 96 universes of Art-net to X-DATA™ across 8 ports. X-DATA™ is our powerful signal protocol capable of transmitting up to 300m without data degradation, crosstalk, signal reflections or voltage drop.

    Download Datasheet
    pixel hardware

    SX2 | SX4 X-Data™ Slave

    The SX Slaves are used in conjunction with the MX96 Master and receives X-DATA™ through a normal ethernet cable, up to 300m away. A wide input voltage range of 5-36v DC ensures compatibility with a large number of pixel products.

    Available in a 2 or 4 port version for ultimate project versatility. Each receiver is capable of receiving up to 12 universes of data split evenly over their respective ports. Each port is capable of  delivering 7.5A. ( 2port = 15A / 4 port = 30A).

    Download Datasheet
    DMX512 control

    DX8 | Ethernet to DMX 8 port gateway

    Compact and powerful Ethernet to 8 ports of DMX data. Multiple protocols can be configured using an easy to use web interface. The convenience of RJ45 provides a cost effective option to cable your DMX installations with standard shielded CAT5. Each port complies with the ANSI E1.27-2 specified RJ45 pinout.

    Download Datasheet

    Visualise in VR

    Lighting proposals brought to life, using our immersive VR technology. Leave a lasting impression with clients and key stake-holders by utilising the power of VR.


    Communicate & simulate designs and proposals effectively to your audience.


    Quick implementation time, faster feedback & sign-off.


    Simulate real world lighting scenarios and concepts with hyper-realism


    Create a lasting experience, stand out from the crowd - Be incredible